Growing up in a Big Family

Note: Name has been changed to protect their privacy

July 04, 2022

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Feven grew up in a big family that accommodated her mother Sinknesh, a stepfather, grandmother, two uncles, two cousins, and a baby brother. The grandmother, who passed away a few years back, took the role of raising Feven . Then Feven continues living with her family with the support of her two uncles. All the income combined was not enough to support a family of seven. Feven was in elementary school when her family joined Bethany’s family preservation and empowerment program. The family was able to access basic needs through the stipend they receive each month. The program supported the family to get nutritious food and keep Feven healthy and attend her education properly. Further, this family got the chance to access psycho-social support, life skill, and reproductive and health training. Feven was able to complete her education while having all of her basic requirements covered. Feven received life skills, addiction, and substance misuse training, which helped her improve her self-esteem, critical thinking, communication, relationships, and decision-making abilities. Feven gained the confidence to complete her accounting diploma and find work in a school as a result of the assistance offered to her. Feven is currently working to support herself and her family while still getting a degree in accounting.