Temporary foster care

Being a foster parent is about so much more than loving a child in your home. It’s also showing up for that child’s family when they need it most. It’s giving a child a safe place to land in the hardest, scariest time they’ve ever experienced. It’s showing kindness to a parent hanging on by a thread, in the hardest, scariest time they’ve ever experienced too. In whatever way it’s safe to do so, it’s helping that child stay connected in kinship and cheering on a family that’s living out a comeback story.

We believe children thrive in families and that all children deserve to be safe, loved, and connected through family.

This is what drives our work to ensure every child grows up surrounded by the love of family. Real children like Rameda and Gloria.
Rameda was found alone on the streets of the city of Adama. He had been left by his family─ abandoned. Once found, he was placed in an orphanage while the police searched for his parents. When they couldn’t be found, Bethany stepped in to find Rameda a foster family. Rameda was in poor health. He was admitted to hospital and found to have a severe allergy to cow’s milk, which was causing his medical issues and pain. A loving family was waiting for him. They brought him in and helped address his medical needs. His condition improved and he is now learning, growing, and thriving. His foster family has announced that they plan to pursue adoption and look forward to formally wrapping Rameda into their family for good.

In Bethany,

We remain committed to strengthening families to prevent these heartbreaking decisions and providing family-based care for all children, including children with disabilities. This is why have launched a new campaign in Ethiopia to

Provide aid to families to help keep them together

Help families cover the medical expenses for children with disabilities

Recruit loving families for children who need them most