Family preservation and empowerment

Poverty, disease, violence, and catastrophes often put immense pressure on families, jeopardizing their ability to stay together. We believe the solution is family-based care.

Family changes everything

The Family Preservation program is designed to support families and children who are considered high-risk for social, psychological, and health problems because of food insecurities, poor housing conditions, and lack of access to education.

We provide families with essential nutrition, medical aid, access to education, psycho-social support, and housing needs.

How sponsoring a family leads to self-sustainability

You can help change the lives of families forever.

Every child deserves the love, security, and consistency that only a family can provide. From helping vulnerable families access their basic needs of healthcare, safe drinking water, proper shelter, school supplies and education for their children to empowering them with the ongoing support of a dedicated caseworker, vocational and business training. We give them the tools to succeed and move from poverty to self-sustaining.