An orphaned girl finds an adoptive family

An orphaned girl finds an adoptive family Banner Image

Tegereda, a little child, was discovered abandoned in Hosanna City's CH. Duna Kebele, more precisely, in Mender 11's "betemengest akababi." The area is located a bit far from the downtown and close to the rural side of the region. It is a known neighborhood where many people live in the state of poverty. The place is also under huge road construction, so it is always dusty.  She was found on October 22, 2022, at around mid-day. She was not strong enough to resist the outside environment, so she was taken to the hospital for overall medical investigation, and doctors suggested that she is healthy. Police reported they couldn’t find her biological family at the time and requested Bethany’s help. Tegereda found her temporary stay at Birtukan Meshesha’s home. Birtukan is a committed, passionate, and qualified TFC mother who has received more than 20 children since Bethany began the project in the region. when???? When found, Tegereda was not strong enough to resist the outside environment. Prior to her TFC placement, police took her to hospital for overall medical investigation, and doctors suggested that she was healthy. However, as times went by, she began showing symptoms such as dry cough, shortness of breath, weakness, chest pain while breathing, lower food intake, low level of white blood cell that caused lower immunity and high fever. Birtukan rushed her to the pediatric ward and the doctors did laboratory tests to discover pneumonia comorbid with sepsis (blood infection). It is a serious condition caused by bacterial or viral exposure that renders infection of the lungs. The doctors also put her in close watch by saying “she might be exposed to Bacteria during neglect.” She took glucose, antibiotics, fluids, and syrups. The companionship of doctors by their professional support and the eminent humanistic contribution of birtukan brings extraordinary prognosis on her health. Currently, she is a very healthy and active baby, and all the symptoms are significantly improved. Her psychological need of secured attachment is fulfilled by her TFC mother’s consistent care and affection, and in return, this helped her to develop trust and secure attachment. For instance, while she wants something such as milk or sleep, she cries to communicate her need and her TFC mom reliably responds to her needs. She identified her TFC mom as consistent caregiver and cried while she is out. Concerning her emotional growth, she showed good growth such as regard faces of her caregiver, she began to make eye contact and she smile especially when she sees her TFC families. All her physical and psychological changes shown after she gained her health back in TFC home.   One qualified adoptive family also showed a strong desire to ensure permanency to her and they underwent the process of fulfilling pertinent documents and placed her in this loving family. Both parents are working class and earn a good amount of money. Besides they have two boys. It is believed that growing up in family dynamics will bring holistic developmental change. Depending on the statement of her adoptive parents she builds a strong bond with the entire family, and this brings happiness and joy.  In terms of her placement process, police, hosanna city women and government office and Bethany Christian services global played a prominent role by assigning her to safe temporary foster home, providing nutritional support, stipend support to TFC mom, qualifying adoptive family, completing mandatory documents, and placing her to qualified loving families.