Med-school was my childhood dream.

Fasika's life

October 29, 2021

Med-school was my childhood dream. Banner Image

Fasika lives with her mother Sergut and her grandmother in a one-room rented house. Her mom Sergut is the only breadwinner of the family and earns a meager income from working as a janitor. Fasika is her only daughter.

Fasika, as a child, spent most of her time studying as she loved school and supporting her mother with the household chores. She has always been close to her mother and very understanding and supportive. Fasika’s childhood dream was to study medicine and become a doctor. Currently, Fasika is a fourth year Public Health student at a governmental university known as Wolayta Sodo which is located far from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia where Fasika’s family resides. She will graduate in November 2021.

Our FPE program has been responding holistically to the basic, medical, educational and financial needs of the family to help Fasika stay focused on her education. We still support her with monthly pocket money and other necessary materials that she needs as a college student. Fasika has a dream to pursue her master's degree soon after she graduates.