Hanna Mekonnen and Her twins (Beza and Barse)

Hanna Mekonnen and Her twins (Beza and Barse)

June 09, 2021

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Who is Hanna?

Hanna is a single woman living in Addis with her big family, she has lived all her life loving and looking after children inside her family. she is a single woman who is highly loved and adored by her siblings and friends. Hanna is an active member of her church, she serves with writing poems and literature and participating in revival movements that ought to bring greatness to the nation. Having been a housewife for a while Hanna has been busy helping renovate her family’s house. surrounded by 11 grandchildren(children of her siblings). Hanna reached a point where she wanted to have kids of her own. Her close friend Zewdenesh told her that she plans to adopt a child, that is when she wanted to make a move. Hanna came to one of the family orientation training that is given in Addis Ababa(B.C.S.G) . she took our number (B.C.SG, Hawassa) from her close friend Zewdenesh. She then contacted and shared with us her desire to adopt children.

Bethany for Beza and Barse

Beza and Barse are twin sisters who were in need of a loving adoptive home, Bethany has been looking for a qualified family for these infants for quite a while. When Hanna contacted us(Bethany) we knew her enthusiasm and her genuine desire to have children. Bethany is always in the search of families as such for children in need of adoptive homes. Hanna went through an in-depth assessment and training to become a qualified adoptive parent on top of her having a loving heart. Bethany's staff conducted a home study to witness not only hers but also her family’s passion to care for children, amazed by the level of positivity, we approved her home study. Hanna fulfilled and submitted the necessary requirements into being an adoptive parent, which made her qualified. Bethany’s approval of her as an adoptive parent-led to matching her with Beza and Barse(twins) as she has been perceived as one who is capable of creating a better future and one able to provide a loving home for these children.

The meeting (Hanna &her twins)

Hanna came to the orphanage to pick up her twin foster female kids, when she first saw them she couldn’t bear her emotions, she fell on her face to praise God for giving her children, this surprised and made everyone at the center emotional. Hanna’s reaction to the sight of Beza and Barse once again proved her genuine heart of being a loving adoptive parent which assured us that they are going to be in good hands. Hanna came to the center with seven of her family members including her mother, they were all wearing matching Ethiopian cultural outfits. They came caring a big baked bread, they said they did all this to signify Hanna’s day of delivery as she has given birth to these kids from her heart.

Beza and Barse, the twin sisters seem to be confused with what was happening around them, a bunch of strange people showing love and warmth to them is not something that they experience every day. They were held tight by Hanna their new adoptive mother receiving an ample amount of affection which makes the whole work successful, finding a loving and caring home for them.

Hanna could not control her emotions for long. she asked the nannies and social workers many thoughtful questions to know about the kids, having realized her deep need for knowledge about these kids, they gave her every information that she asked for. Hanna kept on thanking everyone at the center for looking after the kids when they did, her family sang and thanked God for her.

Beza and Barse are now in Addis Ababa with Hanna their adoptive mother. They are growing in health and showing a great developmental pace in comparison to how they were before while living outside of an adoptive home. They have well adjusted themselves to their new home and they receive all the necessary attention and needs they desire to have. The same wellness and joy is shared by their adoptive mother Hanna, who is showered with happiness everyday in having Beza and Barse in her life as her adopted children.