Child Yihun

Note: All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the child and family

November 23, 2021

Child Yihun Banner Image

Derese and Konjit are married and live with their son in Yirgalem. The couple had heard stories of child abandonment in their area, and they felt called to do something to help the children. Konjit said that it has been her all-time dream to adopt a child and when she heard about the number of children being abandoned her wish for adoption grew. One day Konjit raised the idea of adopting a child as a simple discussion point to her husband. She said it seemed as if her husband and her were having the same thoughts at the same time, and after discussion they both agreed to learn more about the process. The couple agreed to both do research on how they could learn more and start the process. They discussed the idea with a friend Mr. Bekele who works for one of Bethany’s orphanage partners, Tilita.

Mr. Bekele referred the couple to Bethany Ethiopia. After the intake process and screening was completed, the family was matched with baby Yihun. Yihun is adjusting well to his new home and both mother and father are adjusting well too. Konjit is currently off work so that she can ensure that Yihun can adjust into their home and take the time needed to build attachment and bonding with him. The family continues to adjust, and they are eager to share the word about the adoption process with others. Thanks to USAID Bethany can continue to advocate for adoption and make possible stories like Yihun’s.