A motivated woman

September 06, 2021

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Workiye, a single mother with four children, named, Lamrot (a girl), Yabtsega (a boy), Mistir (a boy), and a ten months old boy named Kirubel. Workiye and her children live in a two- room house which was renovated with the support through our program two years ago. Prior to the renovation, they lived in a shelter which was constructed with plastic and did not protect them from the cold, wind, and rain. They are currently living in a safe and adequate house. Workiye has been taking a regular medicine for her chronic problem and her health is improving over time. The family has been receiving support informs of monthly stipend, medical, educational, nutritional and bed with accessories. They are also equipped with life skills and business development and management skills training. Workiye is part of the saving and credit cooperate that’s operating with Bethany’s support. Workiye used to work as a daily laborer to earn a living and support her family struggling with her health condition. She then shared her plan to start a poultry business with her case worker and developed a business plan. The case worker shared her plan to her sponsors and the sponsors was promptly responded to support her start the business by sending an additional fund. Workiye was immediately engaged in a poultry farming starting with 50 chickens in her compound she built a cage. Currently, she is earning up to 300 ETB (7.5 USD) per week by selling eggs each with which she fulfills her family’s needs. She is also highly motivated to expand the poultry farming in the future.