A hard-working mother

November 16, 2021

A hard-working mother Banner Image

Yeshi is a single mother who has two children. Their names are Yeabsira and Fasika. They are fifteen- and nine-years old, respectively. Yeshi is one of the women who is at the Empowerment stage. She is a hard-working mother who strives to overcome poverty. She cleans roadsides early in morning in the SafetyNet program and sells vegetables at the local market after she finishes her work with SafetyNet. Yeshi joined the FPE program after she was referred from the local government office for better support and care. Since then, the family have been receiving monthly cash, materials, medical support, educational support, life skill and business skill training, and psychosocial supports. The support has helped her to pursue her goals of owning a small business and to fulfill the needs of her family. Currently, she is capable of providing for her family’s needs without a shortage. Yeshi has noted she has permanent customers from restaurants, groceries, and mini shops who benefit from her business. She is grateful for the program and her family’s sponsors for all the support that is rendered to her.